At Launchpad we believe in healthy food being the best fuel for growing bodies and brains! 🍉🥦🥕
We’ve set up a Healthy Eating area in our Dining Room that displays our menu, nutritional and cooking information and even some herbs from our garden. Please feel free to have a look! 🌱🌿☺️
At present we’ve got the Wholesome Child cookbook on display and if you’d like to take a look and grab a recipe, go for it! Today I’m posting the Banana Bread recipe from the book. 🍌🍞
During this time of Coronavirus uncertainty when we’re spending less time out and about, it might be nice to enjoy more time at home with loved ones enjoying simple things like ‘breaking bread’….especially yummy AND healthy banana bread!😍
I’ve made this recipe and substituted the coconut oil with light olive oil and the coconut sugar with very ripe bananas and honey and it was delicious! Enjoy your weekend all!🚀

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