The Launchpad curriculum is based on the philosophy of caring for and educating the Whole Child.

Launchpad provides an environment, experiences and educational practises that allow children to develop their 5 ‘Selves’- The Emotional self, The Physical self, The Social self, The Cognitive self and The Creative self.

The Whole Child approach builds problem solving skills and is well suited to play based learning and an Emergent curriculum where planning and programming is driven by the children’s interests and daily happenings. It also provides a wonderful foundation to incorporate Intentional Teaching experiences and other relevant educational philosophies such as Reggio and Montessori concepts.

Our planning and curriculum will be underpinned and guided by the Early Years Framework and the National Quality Standards.

The brain has its biggest growth period between birth and 5 years and 90% of brain development takes place before a child reaches Kindergarten, so educational practises that help to develop the Whole Child and encourage communication, socialisation, imaginative play & problem solving are ideal.

At Launchpad your child will be immersed in a rich learning environment with excellent resources and committed educators to ensure they develop a love of learning and maximise their personal growth. Launchpad will also have a special focus on books and the learning, enrichment and enjoyment opportunities they provide. Being immersed in language experiences from an early age helps children to develop their communication, social, emotional and cognitive skills.

The care and education of our children at Launchpad is a team effort. The team consists of our owners Della and David Underwood, our Director and team of Educators, including our Education Leader and our kitchen staff.

Our staff are dedicated professionals and we are committed to ongoing Professional Development. The priority of our educators is always the safety and wellbeing of our children and all educators have current Working with Children checks and up to date First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma management training.

We try to ensure that all staff members and children across the centre get to know each and have shared time for celebrations, some outdoor play sessions and incursions and family groupings at the beginning and end of the day. Staff ratios are always maintained (at a minimum) at 1:4 for children under 3 years of age and 1:11 for children over 3 years of age.

As educators, we will strive to inspire and encourage our little people’s learning and personal growth through practises that nourish and support the Whole Child.

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