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My daughter attends Launchpad, I’m very happy with them. It took a while to find a centre I felt comfortable leaving her at, but Launchpad were wonderful and made us both feel confident she would be well cared for. My daughter loves going and asks each morning “childcare day?”


Launchpad is a top -quality centre, I have 2 children there…very knowledgeable leadership, great facility, beautiful play areas and the food smells amazing each morning when I do drop off!


Thanks so much for your email and the tour on Monday. Just walking through I knew this was the one. You have all created what feels like a very homely, family- oriented environment and Airlie is going to love it there.


My daughter is at Launchpad and I think it’s wonderful, we have been to a few different centres, by far this one is the best. I love the staff and the management is fantastic to deal with.


I just wanted to say thank you for making Will’s first day a happy and enjoyable one for both of us. Despite the initial tears and head bump I feel like it was a success. Will’s bruise has already gone down so thank you for your care. I loved seeing Will cuddle into Gail when I left and greatly appreciate the app updates especially the pics! I was very impressed that he slept his morning nap and with the communication from Sally. You have made my transition to work a much easier with the knowledge that he will be in such wonderful care on a Tuesday. 


I wanted to pass on a massive THANK YOU to Sally, Gail, Jenni and Lisa in the Senior Nursery Room, as well as all the staff I’ve encountered over the past two weeks. You’ve all been amazing! And helped me feel confident about leaving Eva at the Centre. Seeing you all at work has been wonderful, you’re all so kind and attentive and I know Eva is safe in your care! A special shout out to Sally who has held and distracted an upset Eva as I left the room. Your updates and our chats about Eva and her days have been super helpful! I can’t wait to see Eva continue to thrive at Launchpad.


Thank you for all you have done this year to create a beautiful community at Launchpad. Despite so much uncertainty in the world around us this year, you have continued to provide a safe, vibrant and welcoming environment for the children to thrive in. Callum has loved his time at Launchpad and we can’t believe it is nearly time for him to head off to school! Hope that life is much more normal in 2021!


To Della and the Launchpad team, thank you for all your love, care and support throughout Franklin’s first year at Launchpad. You make him and us feel so loved and welcomed and we have loved getting to know you all and become apart of the Launchpad family. We adore you all and are so grateful and appreciate all that you do. You’re the best!!


Dear Della, Marelena, Bernadette and the wonderful team at Launchpad, thank you all very much for your hard work this year, and for the love and care you have given to Louis. Every member of the team contributes to the special place that is Launchpad. We are very lucky to be part of this community. Check out the outdoor spaces at Launchpad Early Learning Centre. We are very happy there. The staff are incredible, and they spend so much time outdoors in their excellent natural play spaces.



My daughter started at Launchpad at the end of lockdown last year…She is almost 4 and spent 2.5 years at a different centre. Everyday was a battle as she would cry and scream when dropping off and would also be upset when I went to pick her up. We completed 2 days of orientation at launchpad, 1storientation she was hesitant but understood it was only for 1 hour so no tears..2ndorientation she had a ball and connected really well with the educators…She has become a different child since starting at Launchpad and has so many more friends and has become very confident. I now get in trouble for picking her up too early! I could not rate this centre any higher..the owner and educators are amazing.


I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say how happy I am with the Senior Nursery team! They are all so on the ball, caring, friendly and really take the time to let me know how she is going.  Whilst there are still a few tears when I drop Meika off, when I pick her up she’s all smiles and giggles, and I can tell that she has just had the most wonderful time with her carers. Meika is particularly fond of Jenny, who I must say, is just amazing! Special mentions go out to Sally, Gail, Lisa and Angel too though. I look forward to the photos being uploaded on Xplor each day, and just wanted to say a big thanks to the team (and you for hiring them) for all their efforts to make Meika feel comfortable in the room, it is certainly appreciated. 


You certainly made my day today! Fanoula was the Manager at the childcare Nicole attended before moving to this area. Beautiful person and amazing at doing her job. When Nicole was there she was allergic to 6 different types of food and not the easy ones. Fanoula went above and beyond managing this and any other anxieties I had at that time. Thanks to her I learned how to be comfortable while leaving my daughter at daycare . I have seen her working tirelessly to make sure the Centre and the staff were spot on for the children. Every parents loved her there and you could tell she was well respected by the staff. I am sure she will do great things for Launchpad, and if I was happy before I am even happier now!


Dearest Launchpad fam! Today marks the last day of Billie and Noah’s time at Launchpad. As luck would have it, they are both unwell and aren’t able to spend their last day saying their goodbyes! I just want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Billie and Noah were lucky enough to be the first kids to enter the doors at Launchpad and we have loved watching the centre grow throughout the year (and what a strange year it was!)

Della, your attentiveness and kindness since the very first enquiry has been absolutely wonderful! Thank you to each and every one of you for treating my kids like they are your own. We will pop in to see you all and say our goodbyes next week!

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