At Launchpad we are very proud of our indoor and outdoor spaces. We have state-of-the-art purpose built centre’s that are a balance of calming and stimulating and allows for and encourages an Indoor/Outdoor program to be implemented. Our beautiful locations amongst the trees has inspired our colours and décor and our Curriculum and programs.

We have open, light filled rooms that are child centric and every room opens out onto an outdoor play space. The importance of ‘play’ is a focus in our educational approach, our incredible resources and our centre design.

Our outdoor play spaces will inspire and delight our whole community. Launchpad is nestled in a canopy of native trees and we’ve taken all the wonderful stuff that Mother Nature has to offer- rocks, logs, trees, sand, dirt and water to create natural play spaces that encourage exploration, sensory input, creative play, socialisation, problem solving and good old fashioned fun! We have 2 dedicated outdoor play spaces and from bush cubbies to bridges, sensory decks to the dirt digging patch and trikes to tee pees, there’s lots of enjoyment and adventure to be had! The benefits of outdoor play and being immersed in nature are immense and at Launchpad these benefits can be enjoyed in the most amazing natural surrounds.

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