Healthy Eating

At Launchpad we believe in healthy food being the best fuel for growing bodies and brains! 🍉🥦🥕 We’ve set up a Healthy Eating area in our Dining Room that displays our menu, nutritional and cooking information and even some herbs from…

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A huge thank you to Wendy Gold for coming to Launchpad today in full Navy uniform to speak to our Kinder children about the meaning of ANZAC Day. 🌿The children were so interested in her medals and the stories she shared…

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Launchpad Health Services

As part of our commitment to supporting our families, we have our GP Dr Chan who visits Launchpad once a month. He is able to write referrals, do assessments, provide Asthma and Anaphylaxis plans, administer Immunizations and Flu shots and…

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Dragon & Unicorn Washing

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’re all relaxing and staying well! Today our littlies enjoyed dragon and unicorn washing during our afternoon Family Grouping time. It’s always amazing to see children of different ages and stages come together to enjoy and…

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